• Package 3 Dives

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    (All members of the Poseidon Blu Team who pay their membership fee on 31/02 each year are considered to be members of the Poseidon Blu Team)

    The diving packages refer to all the dives promoted and organized by the Poseidon Blu Team diving school starting from Molfetta with a rubber boat.
    It will not be possible to use the package if the association decides to rely on other diving centers and therefore with different costs.

    The cost includes: 
    - use of 12L and 15L Din / Int cylinders
    - belt and ballast use
    - underwater guide
    - logistic support on land and by boat
    - unpacked station where required
    - emergency cylinders containing OXYGEN

    Not included:
    - Gav
    - Dispenser group
    - Muta
    - Mask
    - Calzari
    - Fins
    Rentable at the following costs: