• Amare il Natale

    Start Friday, 29 December 2017 19:00
    End Friday, 29 December 2017 21:28
    Status closed
    Location Approdo di Sant'Andrea (Show on the map)

    On the occasion of Holy Christmas, the Poseidon Blu Team association organized on December 29, 2017 a Christmas vigil open to all those associations that have the sea at heart and would like to create something beautiful for children on Christmas.
    The event is open to all citizens and will be divided into two distinct moments:
    - The first moment will consist in the participation in the Holy Mass at the Cathedral of Molfetta, in which all the invited associations will participate. All diving training associations will participate in the Holy Mass with wetsuit, neck mask, torch and fins, already ready for the realization of the second moment.
    - The second moment will begin after the conclusion of the Holy Mass where, in procession, all divers and other associations will approach the body of water in front of the Cathedral of Molfetta (Cala Sant’Andrea).

    With torches in hand, all divers will enjoy creating Christmas light choreographies, at the end of which a brief fireworks display will be made. Once the pyrotechnic battery has been completed, a boat will enter the cove with Santa Claus on board, who will give the children bags of chocolate and a message of greeting, while for all the adults present there will be two stations of the Misericordia Di Molfetta which will distribute hot drinks and sweets.
    For information:
    3497126032 ( Riccardo Cifarelli )
    3491227029 ( Adriana Perfetto )