• Advanced Open Water Diver

    The Advanced Open Water Diver course consists of theory lessons, practical lessons in free waters and confined waters during which the student will learn notions in this regard

    - Open Water Diver or similar patent

    Topics covered:

    - Theory of deep immersion,
    - Theory of night diving,
    - Underwater surfing theory,
    - Recognition and management of problems.
    - Deep diving
    - Night dive
    - Immersion natural and instrumental navigation

    The cost of the Advanced Open Water Diver course includes:

    - 3 theory lessons
    - 3 lessons in open water
    - ARA equipment rental for the duration of the course
    - 3 refills cylinders
    - Equipment maintenance
    - Insurance coverage
    - Instructor fees
    - Issue of an internationally recognized patent with EUF ISO certification

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