• Open Water Diver Course

    The Open Water Diver course consists of theory lessons, practical lessons in free waters and confined waters during which the student will learn about:

    - Diving physics,
    - Physiology of the dive,
    - Basic equipment,
    - Pair system,
    - Dive planning,
    - Recognition and management of problems,
    - diving from the boat,
    - Computers and dive tables,
    - Diving accessories
    - Compensation for airspace.
    - Operation of the ARA equipment

    The cost of the Open Water Diver course includes:

    - 4 theory lessons
    - 4 lessons in confined waters
    - 4 lessons in open water
    - ARA equipment rental for the duration of the course
    - N ° 8 Refills cylinders
    - Equipment maintenance
    - Insurance coverage
    - Instructor fees
    - Issue of an internationally recognized patent with EUF ISO certification

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