• Pro - Open Water Instructor

    The Open Water Instructor course is designed to teach Assistant Instructors the knowledge needed to work effectively as a diving instructor.

    Course Prerequisites:

    - Minimum age 18 years
    - Open Water Diver or similar patent
    - Advanced Open Water Diver or similar patent
    - BLS-D certificate issued by the IRC 
    - BLS-D & First Aid patent
    - Rescue patent
    - Deep Specialty Patent (Deep)
    - Specialty Night patent (Nocturne)
    - Patent Specialty Navigation (Navigation)
    - Nitrox Specialty Patent (Oxygen enriched mixture)
    - Specialty Naturalist patent (Biology)
    - Divemaster or equivalent certification
    - Assistant Instructor patent
    - Provide proof of at least 100 recorded dives

    This program is divided into two sections, an instructor development course (ITF) and an instructor evaluation course (IE).d an instructor evaluation course (IE).

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