• Pro - Divemaster

    The Divemaster course is the first professional level certification.

    During the course you will learn how to work with divers, guide certified divers and act as a dive guide that shows the various diving sites and the marine life that lives on these sites. You will increase your knowledge of physics and physiology and increase your competence with your diving and snorkeling skills.

    Who is this course for:
    The advanced level diver interested in working in the diving sector as a professional scuba diver or intending to become an instructor

    Course Prerequisites:

    - Minimum age 18 years
    - Open Water Diver or similar patent
    - Advanced Open Water Diver or similar patent
    - BLS-D certificate issued by the IRC (obtainable during the course)
    - BLS-D & First Aid patent
    - Rescue patent
    - Deep Specialty Patent (Deep)
    - Specialty Night patent (Nocturne)
    - Patent Specialty Navigation (Navigation)
    - Nitrox Specialty Patent (Oxygen enriched mixture)
    - Specialty Naturalist patent (Biology)
    - Provide proof of at least 40 recorded dives

    What can you do?
    Upon successful completion of this course, certified Divemaster divers will be able to:

    - Assist an active instructor during approved diving courses
    - Supervise and conduct dives for certified divers

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