• Tutto Sub, a local reality...
    Tuesday, 30 July 2019
    Mola Mola the new brand by Tutto Sub

    The local company Tutto Sub in the Molfetta area changes its look and winks at the international market. Alessandro de Laurentis founder of Mola Mola in recent months has committed to changing the look of the historical family business, the Tutto Sub, making it more youthful and relaunching it on the international market but without giving up the quality of the material and the professionalism of the work. The business card of this company are the customers who, like a big family, network and sponsor their products for what they are, that is products of the highest quality and... ...continue reading

  • From Puglia to the Marche to...
    Sunday, 02 June 2019
    Una settimana piena di incotri nelle scuole per sensibilizzare i grandi ma soprattutto i piú piccoli ad avere rispetto dell'ecosistema marino.

    From Puglia to Marche ... To protect the environment !! A week full of incotri in schools to raise awareness among adults but especially children to respect the marine ecosystem. Called in support of the men of the Harbor Master's Office of the Municipality of Porto San Giorgio to explain that starting from our small we can give a great hand to the environment. ...continue reading

  • Striscia la Notizia: Poach...
    Friday, 31 May 2019
    Edoardo Stoppa is in Molfetta to talk about molluscs and seafood whose illegal fishing risks destroying an entire ecosystem.

    In the episode of Striscia la Notizia aired May 30, 2019, a beautiful report by Edoardo Stoppa, who talks about the poaching of shellfish and seafood in the waters of our territory. Edoardo Stoppa and our Riccardo Cifarelli dived to testify the conditions in which our seabed falls, now almost totally destroyed by the illegal fishing of dates. Watch "Pesca di frodo" on Mediaset Play ...continue reading

  • Protection of the ecosystem...
    Sunday, 19 May 2019
    The sea is the protagonist at the Great Shopping Mongolfiera

    GRAN SHOPPING MONGOLFIERA Molfetta to educate to the knowledge and protection of the marine ecosystem starting from the smallest. The Poseidon Blu Team association that deals with sub training has been the protagonist of several meetings with the schools of our territory where there was talk of the environment, sea and marine species that populate it. ...continue reading

  • Molfetta CleanUp - Pulizia...
    Sunday, 05 May 2019
    Beach and seabed cleaning | Prima Cala Molfetta |

    Sunday in line with the Poseidon100 project which plans to train 100 sentinel divers and sea keepers; and which sees the patronage of the Municipality of Molfetta, we took part in the first edition of the Molfetta Clean Up | event 05.05.2019 providing for the removal of objects and waste present in the basin of the Prima Cala beach. We thank the boys and girls of the staff and all those who have done their utmost for the success of this event. It is often said that union is strength ... And knowing you by our side encourages us to do better and better. ♻ #molfettacleanup #molfetta... ...continue reading

  • Sea turtle release in Molfetta
    Friday, 03 May 2019
    The Poseidon Blu Team and the Turtle Recovery Center engaged in the release of turtles

    The association Poseidon Blu Team Sub WWF division in collaboration with the WWF Sea Turtle Recovery Center Molfetta, we let the children of the training department of the Italian contingent live in North America in August, the unique experience of the release of some turtles. Good road and good World Scout Jamboree #sub #seaturtle #scout #diving #weareinpuglia #molfetta diving # # AGESCI #wsj #pontidellavalle #puglia ...continue reading